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Agriculture specialists


Professional, environmentally responsible and sustainable


Pidelta is a professional modern multi-faceted agri-business with a wide range of products and services. The go-to company for seed-growing services for a range of crops and climate types, Pidelta has a long history and an excellent track record in the areas of crop production, forestry and livestock products. Established in 1973 with the primary function of producing parent seed and seed maize for Africa's largest seed supplier, Pidelta has grown into an extensive agricultural concern with farming enterprises across South Africa. 

Our strength lies not merely in our products but also in our people, who are proudly committed to serving the needs of our customers in the interests of their successful farming endeavours
— Founder Brian Corbishley




As farmers and land owners, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to our environment, which includes the land which we farm, the resources we employ, the community we serve, our suppliers, and the customers we supply. The development and management of our farms, the way we plan land-use and crop production practices remains critical to ensure sustainability of our activities, both from a business perspective, and from a sustainability perspective.

As leaders in the local farming community for almost 45 years, it is our mission to lead by experience and example, to project our responsible, caring, and professional image. Our customers in the seed, food and fiber sectors must feel secure in the knowledge that our modern, open and responsible approach to production and delivery of products and services is performed with due care.

Our farming enterprise development reflects the diversity of the landscape within which we operate. Pidelta encourages conservation of plants & wildlife and areas of our farmland have been specifically set aside as wildlife refuges, specifically the endangered oribi and wattled crane.

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Farmers AgriCare has been privileged to work with Pidelta for the past 24 years, their business ethics and environmental and social responsibility policies are an excellent example to all agri-businesses.
— Graham Evans - Farmers Agricare.