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Pidelta is at the forefront of technology, innovation, quality and performance, with 45 years of in-depth understanding of local conditions and culture. Our whole farm approach, geographical position and broad experience has enabled us to grow and diversify into a modern multi-agriculture specialist, supplying multiple agricultural sectors.


We are seed production specialists with expertise in large scale production of quality products under contract for a number of leading seed companies, Pidelta is synonymous with quality and expertise. We also assist with evaluations, purity field-testing, product trials, seed conditioning and all associated services.  

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Pidelta Pecans are growers and suppliers of top quality kernel and in shell pecan nuts to the local and international market. Under the Pidelta Pecan nuts, we will sell directly to consumers, while Kwa-Zulu Natal Pecan Processors (KPP) supply the export markets. 

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Pidelta Seed Potatoes has grown into a large enterprise, from exclusively producing for McCain’s chip stock growers and table varieties for Zylem, we now produce large hectares for Simba. This steady growth has seen us move into the top 3 seed potato growers in the country.

Pidelta produces commodity grain and legume crops for the food and animal-feed markets. Crops include - white and yellow maize, maize silage, soya, unwashed potatoes, wheat and high quality sugar beans. All grown using the most cutting-edge processes, techniques and equipment to provide you with the highest quality products and services. 


While maintaining the highest ethical standards, our 2000 strong beef herd helps us to optimise land use while producing quality grain and grass-fed beef. Pasture, veld and crop residues make up the bulk of their feed requirements. 

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Our mix of wattle, pine and eucalyptus plantations enables us to supply wattle bark to the extract market and hardwood pulp for export - pine logs are supplied to our sawmill, and eucalyptus poles into the local pulping market. Our mission is to protect the animal and plant species that call the plantations home and the people and communities that the industry touches.


Pidelta sugar cane is produced and supplied to mills both in the Mpumalanga, Lowveld and the KZN Midlands. The economic activity generated in rural areas through the activities of sugarcane cultivation forms part of our responsible farming practices.